Wilma Plug unit

The Wilma Plugs Unit is a natural and environmentally friendly product, especially made of coconut shells. This natural resource is able to recuperate rapidly and is therefore CO2 emission-friendly. Create your own greenhouse in a jiffy! Place the lid on the tray upside down. This creates a mini greenhouse. It provides a favourable environment in which seeds can germinate excellently.                                
Characteristics of Wilma plugs unit

Plugs swell very quickly and are immediately ready for use
Surprisingly rapid rooting and growth
Seed plugs absorb water easily

Swell the plugs with 30 ml of water per plug (total 150 ml)
Sow the seeds one by one on each plug
Snap the lid onto the greenhouse upside down
Open the air blade once the plants start growing
During the cultivation

Make sure the plugs remain sufficiently moist during their growth
The water level should not exceed 5 mm
When the plants are large enough you can plant them in a pot/tray/garden
Brand Name Wilma
Cultivation style coco
Suitable for inside