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About Atami soil substrates

The most common method of cultivating is on soil. Luckily, Atami provides different options for soil substrates. Atami Bi Growmix is a fertilized soil, which has an airy structure and is free of harmful fungi. This makes Bi Growmix a good foundation for successful growing. It is advisable to add liquid fertilizers in a later stage. Bi Growmix got its name from the composition.

Atami Janeco-Light-Mix is the perfect base for every crop. This lightly fertilized soil has the advantage that the more ‘difficult’ plants will not get over-fertilized to quickly. Apart from that Janeco-Light-Mix also contains perlite, which makes this substrate airier and creates an optimum water management. It is also an ideal substrate for cuttings/clones. For the beginning grower on soil we have our ATA range available. For the experienced grower we offer our B'cuzz range!

In comparison to the Janeco-Light-Mix there is Atami Kilomix. This heavy fertilized substrate is a heavenly foundation for every plant. With Kilomix is almost impossible that your plant will experience any shortages, because it has everything a plant needs. It contains a lot of important fertilizers, such as lime, guano, Atami Worm Delight and much more.

Speaking of Atami Worm Delight, this is one of the most important fertilizers for growing. It provides a rapid growth and increases the revenue strongly (especially during the flowering period). Worm Delight contains fertilizers such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which contributes to the growth and flower production. This substrate contains living fungi and bacteria and has the advantage that your substrate won’t get over-fertilized very quickly.

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