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About Atami hydro substrate

To understand the core business of our branch we have to start off with the basics of cultivation. Each plant starts to grow in a certain kind of cultivation medium or ‘substrate’. In other words a substrate is the base material of organic or non-organic origin which a cultivator uses to cultivate his plants on. Whether enriched with fertilizers or not.

There are several substrates which you can use to cultivate. With just a little care and attention, you can basically use almost any kind. Though the most common ones are (fertilized) Soil, Coco or Hydro.

Atami has all of them in its assortment. Our substrates have a unique Atami composition and are assembled by our business partner in Grubbenvorst. 

Most of our substrates are RHP certified. The RHP trademark has been the European knowledge centre for potting soil and substrates (growing media) for the consumer and the professional since 1963. The RHP Trademark guarantees the quality of the product in the chain from extraction till processing at the buyer.

Our bestsellers

Naturally inovating

  • Rootbastic

  • ATA PK 13-14

  • ATA NRG Flavor

  • B'cuzz Blossom Builder Liquid

  • Bi-Bloombastic

  • Bloombastic