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About Atami coco substrates

Atami’s Cocos Substrate is a high quality substrate made of coconut grit, which is actually the outer shell of the coconut and therefore a 100% natural product. Atami made sure during the production of Cocos Substrate that it can be applied immediately.

It contains a basic fertilizer for the plant. However, it is advisable to give the plant additional nutrients shortly after. One of the special abilities of Atami’s Cocos Substrate is that it can store some nutrition, which means that there are nutrients always available for the plant.

Cocos Substrate is produced under controlled circumstances; this assures the quality of the product and makes it possible to use the Cocos Substrate multiple times. It also has the quality to absorb big amounts of water in a very short period of time, but also releases redundant water quickly. Because of this ability, the roots always have more than enough oxygen and this keeps the roots active. Despite there is no redundant water left behind, there is always enough moisture for the plant.


Atami’s Coco Slabs are RHP certified, which guarantees the quality of the coco substrate. The coco fibres of Coco Slabs are properly washed, steamed and buffered for an optimal growth. This amazing product contains enough nutrition for the first week of the grow cycle. After that, water can be mixed with liquid fertilizers and/or stimulators may be added for a maximum result. Coco Slabs is lightweight and provides the roots with loads of oxygen, what is best for a healthy and strong root system.

With Wilma Plugs Unit, a complete package with Cocos Substrate tablets, you get the chance to create your own greenhouse. Place the lid upside down on the tray and there is the most favourable environment to germinate seeds excellently. Wilma Plugs Unit is a natural and environmentally friendly product and will surprise you with the rapid rooting and growth of the seeds.


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