Say hello to the cleanest way for growing of vegetable sprouts! It doesn’t matter how careful you pour, it always ends up with sand on the leaves and stems of the plant that are close to the medium. So here is a great way to make sure that your vegetable sprouts are always super clean and that without giving the plant water from underneath.

And even better, there are no chic gadgets of tools when needed. Anyone can make vegetable grow (even if it is a small or big amount) with the Soil Taco method with standard tools and a quality potting soil.

"Anyone can make vegetable grow with the Soil Taco method"


  • 2 Sow trays (without holes)
  • Potting soil
  • Seed
  • Paper towels
  • Trigger sprayer

Step by step instructions

  1. Use 120 cm, double layer paper towels. Cheap brands or recycled paper may not work correctly. For example, use Edet or Plenty.
  2. Insert one end of the paper towels in the seed tray. Spray the paper in the seed tray wet with water to keep it in place.
  3. Add the potting soil. Divide it by the seed tray and straighten it. Fill the seed tray to about half the height of the seed tray.
  4. Fold the other half of the paper about the potting soil so that it is completely covered.
  5. Stop the paper in on the sides and on the ends.
  6. Spray the top of the ‘soil taco’ with the trigger sprayer.
  7. Divide a handful of seeds over the surface, spray the seeds and cover them with an empty seed tray
  8. Spray the seeds 3 times a day with water, at a constant humidity it looks like this after 2 days.
  9. Remove the seed tray after 3 day, in the light the yellowish shoots will be turning green really quick.

Give the vegetable sprouts daily water until the harvest and weekly a dose of micronutrients.

Even if plants are harvested super fast as with this vegetable sprouts, is the quality of the harvest depending on the quality of the soil. The following is a recipe for a good soil mix for vegetable sprouts from Gaby Bronstein:

  • 80 % peat litter
  • 20% perlite
  • Add a little bit grounded oyster shell to improve the pH, a little bit of Earth Recharge from Progressive Earth and a little bit of feces from earthworms.

Mix it well and dampen it for use in the seeds tray

That’s all, the Soil Taco method to vegetable sprouts to grow. Quick and easy, with the cleanest harvest that you have ever seen!

The images and basic instructions in this article is coming from Gaby Bronstein from Garden Sprout. Original publication in the Garden Culture, Edition 3 entitled  ‘ How to Make Soil Tacos for Growing Micro Green’.

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