Important nutrients for any plant

Light, water and oxygen are important nutrients for any plant. However, plants also need Nitrogen (N), Phosphor (P) and Potassium (K). These substances are not naturally present in substrates, which is why you need to provide fertilizers when growing plants on substrates.

This is what stimulators do

Stimulators help plants to absorb nutrients in the best possible way. For instance, a stimulator might very well improve phosphate intake, so that a particular plant can benefit from all available phosphate, resulting in better growth.

Which stimulators do I use, and when?

Using stimulators largely depends on the plant's needs. For example, a flowering plant sporting many blooms needs rather more phosphor than green plants do. In general green plants predominantly benefit from nitrogen as it stimulates plants to form stems and leaves, whereas phosphor helps to form more flowers.

Stimulators for particular growing phases:

  • ATA Rootfast: It's all in the name: this definitely is a root stimulator. ATA Rootfast

supports root-growth, thereby providing plants and crops with increased resistance against plagues and diseases. Suitable for soil-, hydro- and coir-substrates.

  • Ata XL: a stimulator to be used during growing and flowering phases. Ata XL stimulates the root-system, thereby improving growth and the development of sturdy branches. During flowering Ata XL stimulates plants to form more and larger flowers.

Stimulators for flowering phases:

  • ATA NRG Flower-C: Plants on the brink of flowering profit most from this stimulator as it encourages the flowering phase to start earlier than usual; moreover this stage will be more intense and even prolonged, and plants form more and larger flowers.
  • B'cuzz Bloom Stimulator: This stimulator encourages plants to flower earlier.

Stimulators for the harvesting phase:

  • Bloombastic: Use Bloombastic just before harvesting! Bloombastic is a liquid booster and contains over 50 percent more bio-minerals such as phosphor and potassium than our other stimulators.Bi-Bloombastic (NPK 0-8-12) is the organic version, perfect for environmentally conscious growers and gardeners.

How often do I give stimulators to my plants?

The frequency in using these stimulators depends on the particular stimulator itself, the way you wish to use it, the ambient temperature and the size of your plants. For instance, liquid stimulators given in water directly poured onto the roots are absorbed quite quickly and may be given with each watering. When offering a stimulator by way of leaf feeding or spraying, you may vary between each day or once every fortnight. In case of irrigation-systems or Hydro-systems we advise you to replace the reservoir once every week or fortnight.
Plants take up granular or organic food rather slowly, so give these far less frequent: once every three months will suffice. Carefully read the instructions on the product packaging before use.

Stimulators for growth, flowering and harvest!

By way of introducing our various stimulators, we offer packages such as Booster Pack B’cuzz coco, Booster Pack B’cuzz Soil, Booster Pack B’cuzz Hydro, Booster Pack ATA NRG en Booster Pack ATA.

Every packet contains stimulators to be used in all of the three plants' phases: growth, flowering and harvest.