Growing plants in coir substrate

Substrate is another term for a culture medium, of which there are many around, such as soil and hydro substrates. In this blog we discuss coir-based substrates and how to use them.


What is coir substrate?

Coir substrate (in its many forms) is made of coconut husk, which makes it an environment-friendly product, as rest material is used that would otherwise have gone to waste. More coconut products are coconut grit, coconut fibre (coir) and coconut chips. They can all be mixed with other substrates or be used on their own.

Applying coir substrate

You can apply coir by mixing it into soil substrate to enhance airniness of the soil. Coir is an airy substrate with a course structure, hence roots find more oxygen in it. The courseness aids better drainage too. Alternatively use coconut chips, whereas coconut grit is more refined and very airy; it absorbs and holds water well, making it a very suitable substrate to grow plants in. 

Coir can absorb and expel water to a high degree. Coir is also a very sustainable product: firstly because it is made out of rest material and secondly because of it's long life span: it can be used for up to five years before it starts to decay. This makes it a highly suitable substrate for the organic gardener who wishes to treat the environment sensibly and substainably. 

Another factor making coir a wonderful growing medium it that it's not prone to harmful bacteria or moulds.

Course coconut chips are also a perfect mulch in the garden.


Various coconut substrates

Atami offers various coir-based substrates. Do inform yourself carefully before using them, for these particular substrates differ considerably from each other which is why they can be used for all sorts of purposes. Please make sure you know which substrate suits your plants best.

Atami B’ounce
Before using this coir substrate, first put it in a container or bucket and add 7 liters of (feed)water; this material needs to soak, as it is a pressed, dry substrate, consisting of coconut grit, coconut coir and chips. Its mixed quality makes it perfectly suitable for growing plants in. Course parts provide the airy structure and finer parts absorb moist like a sponge. After soaking make sure to loosen it, taking care it is airy and evenly moist. You can also use B’ounce in the Wilma growing system.

Atami Cocos Substrate
This high quality substrate can absorb water in a short period of time and expel it whenever plants need it. Its an airy substrate making sure that roots can grow well and obtain sufficient oxygen. This 100 percent natural substrate contains a vegetable fertilizer which gets plants off to a good start.


Improving substrate and plant feed

Plants growing in coir substrate need food, for instance Atami Coco Nutrition A&B, which is rich in minerals and has been developed especially for growing in coir. This plant feed not only nourishes plants but substrates too. Apply Atami Coco Nutrition A&B by mixing it through the plants' water.

For a complete survey of our plant feeds check here. Still unsure on what to use? Do use our choice support.

Hydro substrates and soil substrates are available too.

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