Smell and flavour, thanks to phosphor and potassium

For a large partBloombastic is built up from bio-minerals such as phosphor and potassium. These two very useful nutrients raise the plant's sugar-content, thereby increasing fragrance and taste. In other words: phosphor and potassium are key nutrients for flowering plants.

When do I give Bloombastic to my plants?

Since this stimulator mainly contains phosphor and potassium, it's best to give Bloombastic shortly before and during flowering, so during the flowering and ripening phase. Be liberal and allow your plants some Bloombastic every day. You'll find the recommended amount printed on the package.

Bloombastic and fertilizers?

Bloombastic offers your plant very specific stimulators, helping them  to form extra large flowers and delicious fruit. But we do recommend that next  to Bloombastic you give your plants correct amounts of basic fertilizer or plant-feed.

I grow my plants on hydro-substrate. Is it safe to give them Bloombastic?

Absolutely. Bloombastic can be used on any type of soil or substrate, be that hydro- or coir-substrate. Whichever way you grow them, your plants will be quite happy with this stimulator! Bloombastic is even highly suitable for all watering-systems, unlike the organic stimulator
Bi-bloombastic, which you cannot use on hydro-substrate or in watering-systems. However, Bi-bloombastic works perfectly well on soil- and coir-substrates.

How do I use Bloombastic?

Bloombastic is a liquid.  Shake well and dissolve 0.5 to 1 ml in 1 litre of water. Stir well before use.

Organic gardening with Bi-Bloombastic!

If you wish to treat the environment kindly and garden organically, do use Bi-Bloombasic. This stimulator also helps plants to develop large, fragrant flowers and tasty fruit. All minerals and additives in Bi-Bloombasic are of purely vegetable origin.

Recommended dosage Bi-Bloombastic

In order to let your plants fully profit from Bi-Bloombastic allow a higher concentration: use 1 to 2 ml per litre of water. Shake well before use.

The value of stimulators

A stimulator helps plants to create tougher cell-structures, which enables them to cope much better with all kinds of stress. It means your plants will be significantly more resilient to illnesses and plagues. Read more about thevalue off stimulators.