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Granulate Soil


A big part of plant nutrition and/or stimulators are available in liquid form. In the last number of years production techniques got improved and Atami made use of this. Atami brought a unique product to the market: B’Cuzz Premium Plant Powder Soil (PPP). This special fertilizer has the same characteristics as a liquid fertilizer, but then in a powder form. Because of this powder form it has the advantages that it isn’t mixed with water, much lighter in weight and high concentrated.

B’Cuzz Premium Plant Powder Soil is a bio-mineral nutrition in chelated form and especially for cultivation on soil. It contains apart from calcium also important microorganisms and bacteria that stimulate the soil life. These microorganisms and bacteria get activated when the powder comes in contact with water. This results in a better crop condition. The Premium Plant Powder Soil takes care of the biological balance and gives extra stability to the substrate. Therefore, the absorption of nutrients will be much easier for the plant, where you can benefit from the entire grow cycle. 


Atami’s B’Cuzz Premium Plant Powder Soil is lightweight, easy for transport and storing, a longer expiration date and is suitable for both hobby- and professional cultivator. 

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