This time we’ve tested Atami products on lettuce. We’ve combine B’Cuzz Silic Boost with the universal basic nutrients B’Cuzz Coco A&B. The pictures show a steady growth of our lettuce, that is grown on our Cocos Substrate.


From the seedling-stage onwards the lettuce has been nourished with B’Cuzz Silic Boost which strengthens the plant, making the foliage firmer and stronger. Silic Boost makes the outer layer of the lettuce stronger so the entire plant becomes much more resilient against diseases and other stress-inducing external factors.

During this test we have also added B’Cuzz Coco A&B, another universal basic nutrient tailored for cultivation on Cocos Substrates. The Coco A&B nutrient makes sure the plant gets all the nourishment it needs. This universal nutrient is suitable for many crops like different kinds vegetables, fruits and herbs such as tomatoes, sage and basil. It can also be used for indoor and potted plants (e.g., Alocasia, Lavender). Experienced growers can measure the required dosage per plant, based on the NPK-values.

Atami recommends to stop adding nutrients in the final week before harvesting the crop. Just watering the plants in the last week is enough.