Cocos Slabs 12L

Cocos Slabs is a high quality substrate comprised of coco fibres extracted from the mesocarp of the coconut; consequently, it is a 100% natural product. The Cocos Slabs are designed to be used immediately.  

The Slabs contain a basic plant fertilizer.  The unique structure of the coco ensures it can store nutrients that are continually available for plants. 

Cocos Slabs is produced under controlled conditions, which is an assurance of quality and offers the ability to use the coco substrate many times over. 

The fibres can absorb plenty of water in a short period of time and can also deliver water rapidly and abundantly. The roots also have plenty of available oxygen, which keeps them active. Despite the absence of residual water, there is always enough humidity for the plant.

• Ready to use
• Airy structure
• Strong, healthy roots
Brand Name Atami
Cultivation style coco
Suitable for in & outside