B'cuzz Root Stimulator

B’cuzz Root Stimulator
It’s all about the Roots! B’cuzz Root Stimulator is a root stimulator (as the name suggests), used in the first 2 weeks of the growth cycle. B’cuzz Root Stimulator consists of fatty-, amino- and humic acids and plant extracts. These biomolecules make the absorption of nutrients easier. Above all they stimulate the production and development of the root system.
Roots fulfil multiple functions for your plant. First of all, the roots ensure the absorption and transport of water and nutrients. The more roots the plants has, the more connections it has with the soil. In turn, water and nutrients are transported to the rest of the plant at a higher rate. 
Furthermore, the roots store nutrients and anchor the plant into the substrate, so the plant can support much bigger flowers and fruits at a later stage. The balance between the subterranean plant parts  and the parts aboveground is extremely important!
• Healthy roots
• Better nutrient absorption
• Better growth
Brand Name B'cuzz
Cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
Type of plant nutrition stimulators
Suitable for in & outside
1ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips
Add daily when watering the plant in the first 2 weeks. Thereafter to be replaced by a B’cuzz Booster. (Soil, Hydro and Coco)

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