Atami Janeco-Light-mix

Janeco-Light-Mix is suited for a large variety of plants and comprised of different types of peat enriched with perlite. These various types of peat are excellent to support the growth of your plants. 

Furthermore, characteristics of the peats are reinforced by the addition of perlite.  As a matter of fact, perlite improves water distribution and simultaneously increases aeration in the substrate. 

The aeration is especially important for the root development and increases the uptake of nutrients for a stronger and more resilient plant.
This soil is also less inclined to retract and dry out. Janeco-Light-Mix contains nutrients lasting for many weeks;  it can be used immediately. The peat mix is suitable for a large variety of watering systems and also suitable for seedlings, cuttings and for potting.

• Lightly fertilized
• Airy structure
• For resilient plants
Brand Name Atami
Cultivation style soil
Suitable for in & outside

Rick Hotting

Received seeds of the Hollyhock. Saved in the fridge rolled in a paper towel. Kept the paper towel wet. (seeds were already cleaned with peroxide)

After 2 weeks placed the seeds in a plugunit. Later on I placed them in a pot with propagator with Janeco-Light-Mix. Fed this with Root Stimulator. I didn't have a measuring cup so I added a splash of tab water. After adding Root Stimulator two times I continued with Soil A and B nutrition. Placed outside after 3 months and I'm really happy with the results. Great products!