Atami Bi-Growmix

Bi-Growmix is a high quality substrate. Its composition is well balanced for optimum development of a wide variety of plants. Bi-Growmix is a mix of many types of high quality peat and coco fibres. 

An important feature of Bi-Growmix is its air/water ratio. The gaps present in Bi-Growmix may be filled with water and air. Thanks to the coco fibres, gaps filled with air take in a higher volume, which means more oxygen benefits for the plant. Bi-Growmix does not retract and easily absorbs water. Nutrients are gradually released and are thus constantly available for the plant.  The presence of coco fibres facilitates root development.

As far as the amount and ratio of the fertilizers is concerned, this substrate can be considered as medium, between Janeco-Light-Mix (lightly fertilized) and Kilomix (heavily fertilized). 

Because the Bi-Growmix is pre-fertilized you don’t need to add any nutrients during the first weeks of the cultivation, depending on how many plants and pot size. After this starting period Atami advises to add liquid fertilizer to the nutrient water for optimal results.

Bi-Growmix contains coco and peat. The coco ensures an open structure so the roots can grow optimally which is especially important for the uptake of nutrients for a stronger and more resilient plant.

• Pre fertilized
• Open structure
• No need to add any nutrients during the first weeks
Brand Name Atami
Cultivation style soil
Suitable for in & outside

Henrik Priester

Thank you Atami! I planted 100m2 blackberries on a soil mix of Bi Growmix, Worm Delight and Upgrade. I am super happy with the results! Also, I planted a Hydrangea on Bi Growmix and this one is doing very good as well!

Nanko de Bekker

I always have flowers and plants in my garden, but usually my plants don't have big and beautiful flowers (for a long time). So a friend recommended to use an Atami substrate. I used Bi Growmix on my petunias and my expectation are exceeded! After a while I have still big, bright and colorful flowers!

A few weeks ago we made a little flower garden with a mixture of Bi Growmix and Worm Delight. In this garden we placed some new plants, but also some repotted some old plants in order to see if these would blossom again. The hydrangea were completely dead, but we were completely surprised when we saw new flower buds! We also seeded some seeds and these are now germinating already! Thank you Atami!