ATA NRG Flower-C

For many plants the flowering period is the most important period in the cycle. This universal organic bloom stimulator contains the right elements in the right ratio and has a positive effect on the blooming willingness of the plant, so flowering starts earlier and will ultimately last longer and be more intense. 

The elements in this bloom stimulator are easily absorbed by the plant and will contribute to an explosive flower production. The flowers will become larger in size, but retain their characteristic smell and taste.

Suitable for different kinds of vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, chili peppers and eggplant. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g., Osteospermum)

• Longer and more intense flowering period
• Explosive flower production
• Easily absorbable
Cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
Type of plant nutrition stimulators
Brand Name ATA NRG
Suitable for in & outside
1-5 ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips
Always applicable during the growing and flowering phase of the plant. Suitable for all substrates!