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Hi There! We are Atami!

What started 20 years ago as a small project has grown into a renowned technical biological research organisation that focuses on the development and production of liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and substrates.

Apart from the research we do in our laboratory, we produce our products ourselves as well. Numerous machines are working day after day on making our products ready for sending.

We are continuously in development and we are not done yet:

The sky is the limit!

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Cultivation results

  • Tammy

    We regularly grow peppers in our greenhouse because this is a great crop to test out products on. 

  • Tammy

    Atami products are very suitable for a large variety of flowers. 

  • Tammy

    At Atami we like to test our products on several species of tomatoes like cherry and beef tomatoes. 

Popular products

Inspiration & tips

  • Tammy

    Without photosynthesis plants could not grow, form beautiful leaves and flowers and produce lovely fruit. So, photosynthesis is of vital importance to plants.

  • Tammy

    In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most important physical property of substrates: the water retention capacity. Many times, it gives rise to confusion due to the way it is measured, but then we will show you how to know which substrates are the best and those that are worse at retaining water.

  • Tammy

    Hydro grains possibly are the best example of hydro substrates. Other substrates (also know as culture mediums) are soil and coir, but in this article we concentrate on explaining how to grow plants in hydro substrate.