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Hi There! We are Atami!

What started 20 years ago as a small project has grown into a renowned technical biological research organisation that focuses on the development and production of liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and substrates.

Apart from the research we do in our laboratory, we produce our products ourselves as well. Numerous machines are working day after day on making our products ready for sending.

We are continuously in development and we are not done yet:

The sky is the limit!

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Inspiration & tips

  • Tammy

    Mulching stops soil from drying out, promotes soil life and controls weeds in your garden. In short, mulching is the thing to do!

  • Tammy

    Sulfur fulfills an important function in plants, just as in the human body. It is not only a building block of a number of proteins and hormones, but also of vitamins, such as vitamin B1. Sulfur occurs in all living things because the amino acids methionine and cysteine are sulfur compounds. This means that most proteins can not exist without sulfur.

  • Tammy

    Light is important for all plant development. Without light, leaf-growth, flowers or fruits are out of the question. During summer plants usually receive sufficient natural light. But in spring and autumn they profit from your help, for instance by providing lighting in your greenhouse!

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