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Product Description

B’cuzz BiMatrix Slab is strong, homogeneous and extremely consistent. The high density slab’s strength ensures that a perfect and stable air-to-water ration is maintained throughout the crop cycle. The B’cuzz BiMatrix stonewool revolution is the special growing slab, which incorporates the exclusive “BiMatrix Fibre Technology”.
This slab has a unique structure that literally has fibres running in all directions. The density and fibre orientation of the B’cuzz full line of propagation products is similar to that of the B’Cuzz slab with one difference being a significantly smaller fibre diameter. This provides a high degree of water retention which makes easier rooting possible for young plants.The root fibres in the original Dutch stonewool have no direction, the fibres are randomly placed.

As a result the roots will grow naturally through the mat. This causes much better humidity and homogenous nutrition throughout the mat. The results of this are a defensible root system, which feels very comfortable in the this unique mat structure.

We call this “THE BIMATRIX FIBRE DIFFERENCE” Fast root development with good initial growth and earlier production.

Very accurate control of water content and nutrition.
Extra air content due to coarse fibers and a larger number of pores.