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B’cuzz ROXX made of stonewool

– 40 Liters Absorbent
– 40 Liters Repellent


Product Description

B’cuzz Granulated stonewool is extremely versatile for use alone as a hydroponic medium or as an enhancement to organic based mixes. Growers can choose absorbent granules to increase available water or repellent granules to increase the air space of a potting mix.

Whether absorbent or repellent, plant roots will be able to penetrate the granulate particles, thereby maximizing total rooting volume in the pot. Researched in scientific Atami laboratories produces higher yields Inert and pathogen free Light and easy to transport.

– More efficient with water and energy use.
– It is inert and pathogen free.
– It is light and easy to transport.
– It is more efficient with water and energy use.

The 6 inch Big Dutch incorporates the opti-flow groove pattern cut on the bottom for optional drainage. The root fibres in the original Dutch stonewool have no direction. As a result the roots will grow naturally through the mat. This causes much better humidity and homogenous nutrition throughout the mat.

The results of this are a defensible root system, which feels very comfortable in this unique mat structure.
B’cuzz BiMatrix stonewool products are technically superior products and will prove to grow strong crops while remaining cost effective (at least 42% cheaper than leading competition!).


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