You also sell B’cuzz Root stimulator. Should I stop using this product and replace it with Rootbastic?

There is no problem using B’cuzZ Root. But you can also use Rootbastic instead due to its high NPK and because it’s an organic based fertilizer. If you use the Rootbastic correctly, you will see a difference in your roots in a very short period of time. For example: you roots will get bigger, whiter, stronger, and longer.

How do I increase the dosage?

Increase 0.3 ml per week. You can increase the dosage by 0.3 ml per week, up to a total of 1.1 ml (depending on the growth of the roots). We recommend using a low dosage of 0.3 ml because this is a product with a high PK.

What should the EC be in my total RBS solution and in the A&B parts?

EC 0.8 / 0.9

Does RBS contain beneficial bacteria?

No, Rootbastic does not contain any beneficial bacteria. Instead it contains food beneficial to micro organisms, as well as plant food.

When is the best time to measure this?

Every day (prior to giving Rootbastic to your plant).

Do I still have to use a pH stabilizer when I start using Rootbastic together with the A & B parts in my reservoir or when I hand water my plants?

Yes, because the pH needs to be between 5.8 and 6.5 to get the most out of your plants. It is always wise to check the pH and adjust it, if necessary.

How fast does the Bloombastic formula work?

You can typically see results within the first 5-7 days as you increase the dose of Bloombastic.

Should I adjust the doses in my B’cuzz schedule of other products when I use Bloombastic?

The Bloombastic formula will increase the strength of your nutrient soloution. Our manufactures application chart takes into consideration the strength of Bloombastic.

How should I use the product if I want to implement Bloombastic into my B’cuzz schedule?

Gardeners of all levels of experience should follow our manufactures application guidelines until they have enough experience with the product to make adjustments based on there own personal results.

Should I shake Bloombastic for use? If yes, why?

Yes you should always shake ALL nutrients and addives before mixing your feeding soloution. This is just good gardening practice to ensure that the product is in full soloutin before mixing.